We take your privacy seriously, Our Privacy Policy is simple

General Information:

We are very responsible with all your information; we never ever share any of your information without consulting you before. Even within our company. We keep all information about our clients, prospective clients, and all other submitted information as confidential.

Website Analytics:

In order to serve you better, we gather anonymous information about our website users via Google Analytics. We do not share this information with anyone and Google has a great reputation for guarding your information.

Emails Addresses:

You will never get any spam from Evelt, and we will never share your email address or phone number with anybody out of Evelt Inc. We May send you newsletters or other materials we think would benefit you or your company, All email will include an unsubscribe button, or simply reply unsubscribe to any email and your email will be removed within 6 hours.

Payment information:

We do not store credit card or bank information ever!

Business Information

We provide a service that nobody can match. When we design and develop a website we need to know lots of proprietary information about your business, clientele, target audience, budgets, incomes, employees, and what not. We do not share or expose your intellectual property in any way shape or form. We will not take upon us other projects within our clients' industries if we feel that we may accidentally breech our clients' intellectual property.

Logins and passwords:

We try to have the minimum amount of information about you and your business as possible. Sometimes it is important to have an account login or FTP login in order to service our customers. We keep all login and password information in a Data Vault with virtually no remote access and we delete all information we do not use regularly.

If you have any concerns or questions please feel free to contact us any time.

Modified: Aug/15/2018


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