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How to get more traffic to your website - Part 1

Dec 13, 2013

Traffic increases your chances of an actual sale, the default ratio of conversions is 4%, that means 100 visits = 4 checkouts. This does not mean that your website is performing good or bad, this is just simple statistical data and don't get me in trouble if this does not proof to be true for you, you are the exception to the rule.

Visits are calculated in 5 categories 1) Genetic keywords = if you sell corkscrews, you are going to be 3,000,000+ if somebody searches "corkscrews" unless you have a pact with Google.

Genetic keywords are a gold mine but it takes very long to get your website optimized for it 5-10 years+, because you compete with all other vendors that sell this item or similar. And on a global level you are outnumbered and there are hundreds of other options for Google or other search engines to list on top of you. They are many years online, they have a much greater relevancy rate and frankly you are a newbie. So considering the natural flow of things you will need too much luck to be visible at all. After tears and years of staying the course and tweaking and fixing your website and its strategy, you will succeed like all the big boys, you will be one of them, but this does not happen overnight or without hard work, so brace for the long haul and don't burn out.

2) Ads, listings etc = Paid ads, PPC, (pay per click) Google ad words, or other paid forms of roping-in customers, the same is also with paid listings like Google shopping (base since 8/15/2012), Pricegrabber etc. this will allow you to have a greater chance to get a visitor because it's easier to get relevant on the listing, by price, location, shipping, tax and so on.

Ads are ads, every system is deferent and you can do it yourself or hire somebody to do it for you but it will cost you PPC or monthly fees, you have a chance to bypass the clutter of other sellers but you pay the price, and it does not help you in the long run. If you do it wrong you will get a fat bill and nothing to show for. Be careful. The same is with listings like Google Shopping before the 8/15/2012 and the likes, they give you a chance but need something in return, money per upload/product or monthly fees and stuff, you are back to square 1 if you are looking for a quick fix. If you have procedures in place to get you one-time-customers to become regular customers, then Ads may be a great idea for you since you pay once and you get them time and time again.

3) Custom keywords = let's say you sell an imaginary product called "Crispy Pajamas" you would be on top on all searches containing "crispy pajamas", that is because Google has no one in their right mind sell this product only you so by not having another option Google will place you on top. That does not mean that you did anything good or bad in terms of SEO, it is so for lack of a better option.

Custom keywords on the other hand give you a chance to compete with your competitors at least on a small scale. They may be optimized for "pajamas" even for "silk pajamas" but you got "red silk pajamas" as a product and in the title of a page, so you got a chance. (Google ad-words work the same way, to advertise on "pajamas" will cost you a lot, but you can advertize on "red silk pajamas" and I will not be so pricey)

4) Social links, bookmarks, blogs and forums = this is an all (not so) new and different approach, Social network etc. are fun if you are social, and boring if you troll the system, if you keep on posting products vie FaceBook, you are going to loose friends (if you have any) and get spammed, but if you inform your followers with valuable information; it will work! You will be getting more visits and you will be getting more checkouts. The social conversion rate is much less of that of the regular visits, but its good traffic, and it creates a buzz for your website. If you blog with yourself, that's fine but if you blog informative stuff you would get picked up by people in the industry and your clients and more, you will become the go to guy for information for your products and services so it will lead to more visitors to your store, and it will increase your rank by the search engines since you are providing better information then the competitor.

5) Coupon, Rating, and security and other B2B websites = the web is a big place and people use websites for all sorts of things, if you have a company profile on for example it may help you in several ways, he/she may be a yelper and if your reviews are good they will buy by you, they may be a regular searcher and just came up at some search related to you, and last but not least at all; Google and other engines are scanning these website for ratings on you, if have a good rating it will get you more relevancy on your keywords. Getting other websites to link to you is very hard (in the ecommerce world) but having a profile of your company on all major networks like, Stella, Reseller ratings, BBB, etc. gets you legit links to you and it gives your customer the ability to interact with you and rate your services.

This helps also for the conversion rate. Let's say you have 100 visits a day, you should by default have 4 checkouts (assuming they are real visits not crawlers or fall in visits for some unrelated reasons) if you will place on the product page your average Yelp (good) rating etc. it will convince more visitors to check out, the same is with other B2B services like the BBB, and.

This is a short summery of basic SEO, I will write in detail on each of the above the best practices and pit falls, until then - have a great day.

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